Saturday, January 07, 2006

why is it so difficult ?

Why do we live in a world where so much technology can be achieved, yet if you want a bloody locksmith to show up on time, or God forbid, want something as far fetched as a scan to make sure you're not dying of something awful, then forget it !! No-one can sort their shit out enough to be efficient or punctual or even in working order !!!

Thank God for Elvis!

Another day in the cagslife

Huge success has been recorded on the following fronts:
  • Indirect halogen kitchen lighting,
  • Ipod photo & audio on TV,
  • High speed broadband connection,
  • Honda car visits,
  • Saving big sister,
  • Shower hose replacement,
  • Toilet brush holder replacement (best of all!)
  • Misc.
More details could be supplied, but that would require the work of cags, and since this is only the life of cags, nope, forget it!

In other news, locksmiths have been late for the scheduled work and cold weather, busses, and round-abouts are plaguing us here in the UK.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Roqueseriere or Boomerang Days

I've just come back from a week at Roqueseriere in SW France with my boyfriend and his kid. It's a whole world away from London.

On our first day we found a guy who is a Boomerang champion/distributor and found ourselves in a field in the rain trying out every style of boomerang you can imagine. There's definitely a knack, but once accomplished it can be really good fun.

It was a week of what was meant to be relaxation, cheese, food and countryside, it was all of those but blighted by my lack of ability to keep the music business at distance - when will I ever learn?

A good time none the less and seemed like a finale to the summer - now we're ready for winter, something like that!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Blog start!!

so, this is my first attempt at a Blog !
It's Sunday and instead of staying in bed like most normal people , i find myself writing this.